What do teachers like about Smata?

Are you wondering if Smata might be the right tool for you? We asked the teachers who tested Smata what they thought.

“I really do love using it as it just makes observing children in the play so easy and fast. I don’t think I want to go back to paper observations. This app holds all the information together in one place, and I really love that as previously I would have hand written notes and then digital photos on my phone and it was just impossible to put them together.”

Smata brings all aspects of your observation data together as the learning happens. No more hours after school uploading photos onto documents and linking them to the curriculum. With Smata, you’ve already done it.

“Helped me to see what areas of learning were very strong in my room, and also guide direction of future provocations.”

Smata shows you where the potential for rich learning growth lies. Drill into the data by reviewing the observations: just press any dot on the graph and you can see all observations made there.

“Just loved the way you could add your own [learning areas]

Want to make your school values a focus of what you notice? With Smata you can. And in doing so, you make those things that are easily overlooked a valued part of the learning narrative.

“I really liked the visual. I liked the quick at a glance who had been noticed who hadn’t.”

The graph shows you at a glance where the focus of your planning should be, including on who. Review the class graph, or look at a particular student’s graph for clues about how to enrich their learning.

“Easy to use. Fast. Easy to type all the info required. Accessible.”

With Smata, there’s one way to do one thing. And you can do it quickly, because we know significant learning moments are fleeting. We want Smata to add learning value, not distract you from the most important aspect of your role: interacting with and supporting the growth of your students.


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Bevan Holloway About the author

I'm the founder of Smata. I used to be a secondary school English teacher. When I was, I became disillusioned with what school did to kids. That led to me adopting play as a core part of my practice. Now I help teachers across all ages harness the power of play. The Smata app was born from that work.