SMATA gives you

information for learning

Notice what matters.

Recognise the learning.

See how you can respond.

The Smata effect

On Teachers

Teachers who use Smata become more




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On Learners

Learners whose teachers use Smata feel




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Transform how you connect you with your learners

You notice

Tune in to learners

Observe and document learning. Capture notes, photos, video and audio as evidence.

You interpret

Get meaningful data

Make links to the learning areas you value: academic, values, dispositions. Interpret its richness.

You reflect

See the small clues

Review the data with colleagues and learners. See what’s going on and what you can do next.

You connect

Grow learning relationships

Easily create and share learning stories. Enrich learning with a strengths-based approach.

Observe more
Attune to what moves learners. Keep note of it. Have your actions informed by its insights.
Grow engagement
Write learning stories and help learners see themselves as capable learners.
Reflect more
Sit with learners and reflect together over meaningful evidence.
Understand the learner
Take a strengths-based approach. See the potential in all learners.
Build meaningful relationships
Celebrate with learners. Share meaningful stories of growth that motivate.
Uncover what matters
Interpret, unpack and respond to learning. Help learners see their power.