Observe, Capture & Respond

Focus on information for learning

Notice, capture and keep track of important learning moments. Respond purposefully.

Use Smata to shift the learning narrative.

Keep track of learning

Capture small data in the moment of observing and noticing, and review it later to inform responsive teacher actions.

About Smata

Capture Learning Moments

Capture important learning moments. Easily link them to learning areas and students.

Emerging or Rich Learning

Quickly link learning moments to their degree of richness by moving the dot on the sliding scale.

Visual Snapshot of Learning

The Smata graph lets you see at a glance learning strengths and potential for growth.

Review, Reflect, Respond

Dive deep into your data. Review what you capture. Respond with purpose.

Smata Features

Made for teachers who foster learner agency and want to add value to observation data.
Helps teachers easily keep track of diverse learning engagement and growth.
Easily reviewable observation data helps teachers develop a deep knowledge of learning
Whole class or individual student graphs are easily viewable.
Linking learning moments to students and learning areas as it happens eases workload.
Generated spotlight questions highlight interesting learning trends.
Plan for responsive teacher action.
Supports a growth focused, learner centred pedagogy
Review observation data to inform responsive teacher actions
View either whole class or individual student graphs
Curriculum linked learning is recorded for the class and each student.
Generated spotlight questions highlight interesting learning trends

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Ease workload

Holistic data


Learning focus

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How it works

1. Add students

2. Capture an observation

3. Observation is graphed

4. Review student data

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