The SMATA Teacher Plan


The SMATA app centres your practice on the notice, recognise, respond cycle

What’s the teacher super-power? It’s being able to recognise learning when you see it. It’s that interpretive skill that allows you to take a student’s engagement and move it to another, deeper place.


This is especially so for teachers who employ a pedagogy that is led by the learner: play, project-based, place-based, maker-space … There is so much variety in those contexts, and so much of value that happens. However, knowing what to do next is tough, because keeping track isn’t easy.


The SMATA app has been made to help you know what next by helping you notice what you value, recognise where the learning is, and support you in responding to it with purpose.

Noticing is all about what we value.

The SMATA app allows you to personalise the learning areas you capture evidence of learning about, so the data reflects your values.


Recognising is where your interpretive superpower is used.

The SMATA app forces you to make those links overt between evidence and learning area, and learning area and the richness of the learning.


Responding is all about acting on the data.

The SMATA app allows you to go back and review the small data, either by examining the graph to see where learning is emerging or rich or by analysing specific learning moments.

If you are clear about who it's for, small data can drive big change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share the data I collect?

No. The SMATA app has been designed to keep the data flowing in a cycle between the teacher and the student. It is our belief that this is where it has the most impact. It is also in line with the NZC’s statement on the purpose of assessment.

We are building sharing capability into the SMATA web portal, which is available on the School Plan.

How much does it cost?

Use of the SMATA app is free and unlimited. This is because we wanted to make it as easy as possible for teachers to use a tool that’s made to help them. Part of that has been in making SMATA as easy to use as possible. There is very little training needed. Just download, sign in and get started.

How is SMATA different from Seesaw and other similar apps?

Seesaw is great for sharing learning moments and setting learning tasks.

SMATA is a tool made for teachers to give them the information they need to respond to learning in a purposeful way.

How is our data kept safe?

You sign in using a 2-step process: email and personal pin.

All data is stored at AWS Sydney and encrypted end-to-end.

How many classrooms can I set up?

There is no limit. Some teachers take advantage of this to have a classroom dedicated to academic learning, another for dispositional learning, etc.

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