The Smata App

The Smata App makes gathering and responding to information about learning simple. It helps you take the time to


  • Quickly and easily capture important learning moments
  • Hone your interpretation of learning evidence skills with the Smata scale
  • Add descriptions and thoughts about what you are seeing


  • Quickly and easily review observation data
  • View either whole class or individual student graphs
  • Plan your teaching from a base of holistic observation data


  • Write and share learning stories easily
  • Bring learners into the reflective process as you review learning evidence

The Smata Portal

The Smata Portal draws together the observation data made in the Smata App from across the school. This supports

  • Strategic decision making
  • Identification of teacher professional development needs
  • Promoting assessment for learning


The Smata Portal also has some basic admin controls

  • Upload student rolls so that teachers can more easily set up classrooms in the Smata App
  • Edit student details
  • Control teacher permissions (eg, who has access to the Portal)
  • Invite teachers to download the Smata App
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