My name is Bevan, and I’m the proud founder of SMATA.


You know those moments when everything becomes clear? I had one of those moments during a Keynote given by Pasi Sahlberg. It was all about the power of small data and how by looking at those tiny details, we can gain powerful insights into what drives others.


This message resonated with me and aligned nicely with what had been one of the key learnings I had during my fellowship: the power of listening to learners. Since then, I’ve been driven in my consulting work to help teachers attend to those small clues so that the learning they foster is engaging and led by learners. It’s from that work that SMATA was born.


With SMATA, I’m trying to give teachers a tool that allows them to see clearly what moves their learners so they can become responsive to it. I know that small data is where it’s at if you want to do that.


SMATA is a New Zealand company based on the Kapiti Coast (just north of the capital city, Wellington). We’re small, but have big dreams about helping teachers help their students.



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